Funeral Benefits

Funeral Benefits

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Death is an unforeseen stage in life that could bring financial strain to a family. Our PULA funeral benefit offers a payout upon the death of principal or dependent members to extend financial support for use as they see fit in their painful time of mourning. The funeral benefit is paid to a surviving spouse or some other nominated family member.

The payout schedule is as:

Membership Category Standard (P) Galaxy (P) Flexi (P) Deluxe (P) Executive (P)
Member & Spouse 5 500 8 500 8 500 10 000 13 000
Child (16-21 years) 4 500 4 500 4 500 7 000 7 000
Child (16-15 years) 2 500 3 000 3 000 4 500 7 000
Child (0-5 years) 2 000 3 000 3 000 3 000 7 000

When Claiming

Beneficiaries should submit the claim for the benefit within 6 months of the occurrence of death and provide the following;

  • Certified copy of Death certificate or Death notification from a registered medical practitioner or any such authorized person
  • Certified Copy of ID (Omang) for the beneficiary, if the beneficiary is the surviving spouse, certified copy of marriage certificate should also be attached.
  • Letter from Tribal Authority confirming Full Names and ID Number of the Beneficiary as well as the marital status of the deceased. If the beneficiary is a child, the letter should also contain signatures of other remaining Children.
  • Letter from District Commissioner supporting the Tribal Authority Letter
  • The benefit should be collected by the beneficiary in Person at our offices

The requirements can be submitted to