Pula Launches Revamped Website and Web Portal

On the 12 April 2013 Pula Medical Aid Fund (PULA) will launch a revamped website and a web portal.

The web portal will enable PULA members and other stakeholders such as doctors to have 24 hour access to their medical aid details, as well as verify any traction and benefit balances anytime, anywhere.

Pula Medical Aid has over the past 22 years fulfilled its core mandate of being a leader in the provision of cost effective health care solutions. Since its inception PULA has strived to be an innovative and technology-driven fund.

As part of the strive to provide technology driven health solutions the fund has over the years invested various systems that have contributed to its effectiveness to date.

Any successful business has to have an efficient and effective online presence. It is for this reason that in 2012 PULA revamped its website and invested in a web portal that allows service providers and members to view transactions on their PULA account on line.

PULA is excited as this investment will greatly improve the way members and other stakeholders interact with the medical aid and facilitate a much easier way for them to access PULA services.