Pula Medical Aid Fund is proud to announce the launch of our maternity programme as of 1st of April 2014

Having a baby and being pregnant can be one of the most exciting and special times in a family’s life, as well as nerve wracking. This is why we at PULA have tailored a maternity care programme to provide our members and their dependents with as much information possible to have a healthy pregnancy and because we know our members are often on the go, we are also giving PULA members who enroll in the programme a PULA baby hamper bag with some goodies to enjoy.The PULA baby hamper bag is only available for collection as mums enter their 3rd trimester of pregnancy. As a registered member of the programme, moms-to-be can expect:

  • To receive our PULA’s Mom’s weekly emails
  • PULA  Dads can expect an email every second week
  • A call every trimester from our Baby Team consultants to  check on your healthy wellbeing and if there is anything serious, may send you a special email relating to that condition
  • A caring call prior to birth to check on your and your baby’s wellbeing.
  • After baby’s birth, our consultants will call once more to see you and baby are home safely

Please remember:

  • Any PULA member who is pregnant can register on PULA’s maternity care programme after 11/12th week of pregnancy.
  • PULA’s maternity care programme is at no extra cost to the member and is a benefit that PULA offers to all their expectant mothers.
  • To register on PULA’s maternity care programme the pregnant member must call 2711 704 0779 or e-mail us on info@babyhealth.co.za with their PULA medical number.