Keenese Katisenge

My name is Keenese Katisenge and I have been with Pula Medical Aid Fund for three years 6 months. I work for Mascom Wireless.  I have a two year old son, who I have to take to the doctor regularly as kids are sick often. I have not experienced any problems dealing with Pula Medical Aid Fund. When my son was born , he was added within a week and a new card was posted to me immediately.

When I take him to the doctor, claims are paid and I haven’t received any complaints from doctors. I would gladly recommend PULA medical Aid to anyone.

Bokang Molopo

I joined PULA in 2012 as a dependent and when I needed to get my crown done late last year PULA paid my dentists all charges. I can say confirm that my short PULA experience has been a very enjoyable one.

Mohamed Osman

My name is Mohamed Osman and I work for Sefalana (Meybeernick Investments). I previously worked at KPMG. I have been a PULA member for just over 3 years now. On average I interact with PULA about 4 times a year.  I was very impressed with the assistance I received before signing up to PULA. I also was impressed at the speed at which I obtained pre-approval at the time of birth of my child which took place in South Africa. My overall opinion of Pula Medical Aid is Satisfactory.

I have been a member of PULA medical aid for the past eight years and my journey with Pula Medical aid has been very pleasant. PULA has been prompt in paying my medical bills and the offering me advice as and when I needed it. I am very happy with PULA.