Covid-19 Vaccine and Hospitalisations cover Commitment from the Fund

Covid-19 Vaccine and Hospitalisations cover Commitment from the Fund

 Pula Medical Aid Fund (the Fund) recognises and supports the Government of Botswana’s effort to provide the COVID-19 vaccine to all citizens in the fight against this pandemic. The pandemic has had catastrophic impact and has disrupted normal life as we knew it. To this end, Pula Medical Aid Fund applauds the efforts of the Botswana Government and the State President, His Excellency Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi in the valiant fight against the pandemic.
The Fund has seen it befitting to play a part in assisting the Government.
This correspondence therefore serves to inform you, our valued stakeholder that the Fund has approved funding for the COVID-19 Vaccine for the members and dependants of the Fund who are covered by Pula Medical Aid Fund, subject to the vaccine being available in Botswana. Our commitment stems from our mission, of promoting the wellbeing and health of our members by ensuring access to healthcare. This is especially important during these challenging times. The Fund is aware of the financial, health and social impact the pandemic might have brought to you and your loved ones and consequently this commitment is a means to mitigating the consequences of this pandemic.
In addition to our commitment to fund Vaccines for COVID-19, we wish to also assure you of continued access to healthcare services for our members and their loved ones for all other services as per the Fund Rules and such other arrangements we currently have in place. At the start of the pandemic in 2019, we committed to providing cover in the following areas:

  • 100% cover for Covid-19 hospital admissions with a waiver of the co-payment and VAT.
  • 100% cover for Covid-19 related diagnostics, labs tests, x-rays, and other investigations.

We reiterate this commitment and assure you that funds have indeed been set aside to provide for this. The 100% cover is subject to Covid-19 tariffs as agreed with service providers.
COVID-19 Vaccines are an important tool in curbing the pandemic. However, we encourage our stakeholders, members and their families to continue following all the current guidelines and protocols from health authorities. Furthermore, the Fund urges its members and stakeholders to protect themselves and others by wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance from others, avoiding crowds, adhering to curfew rules, infection control, washing hands with soap and water or cleaning hands regularly with sanitizers.
For further engagements or enquiries regarding the above commitment, please do not hesitate to contact the Fund Office and Administrators, Associated Fund Administrators Botswana. The Fund remains open for further discussions on how best to assist our members with other interventions.
Pula Medical Aid Fund appreciates your continued support.


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