Introduction of Individual Membership and Funeral Benefits Enhancements 2018-19

Introduction of Individual Membership and Funeral Benefits Enhancements 2018-19

The PULA Board of Trustees are pleased to announce the introduction of Individual membership as approved at the Annual General meeting of 2018. The Fund had previously been admitting to membership those that applied through an employer. With the new Individual Membership, the Fund will, in addition to corporate members, be admitting to membership individual people who do not belong to any employer group, such as parents, extended family members etc. However, please note that such Individual members will be covered as principal members, and not as beneficiaries or dependents under existing employer based members. Admission into Individual membership will be subject to new Individual membership contribution rates, which can be accessed in either here on our website, or our sales and marketing department. Additionally, unlike in the case for corporate membership, contributions for Individual members will be on a pre-payment (advanced payment) of monthly contributions. 

The Fund has been extending membership to members who opted to continue with membership without the employer under the “Continuing Membership” class of membership. This class of membership will remain unchanged. 

Funeral Benefits Enhancements 

The Board of Trustees has furthermore approved increases in Funeral benefits payout without additional payment from the membership, effective 1 July 2018. The funeral benefits have been increased by 22%.

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