Who Can Join ?

Who Can Join ?

Corporate Membership

Pula Medical Aid Fund employs a comprehensive discount based pricing model premised on the employer. There are four (4) factors that influence the level of contributions levied on the company. These are:

  • Benefit Option (Executive, De-luxe , Galaxy, Standard, Flexi) chosen by employee
  • Employer group size (for De-luxe). 
  • Number of registered dependants per member (dependants are a member’s spouse and or a child or children under the age of 21 years (biological or legally adopted). A child or children over 21 years and not more than 25 years would qualify as special dependants provided they are either studying or mentally/ physically disabled). 
  • Employee’s monthly basic salary

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  • Workers simply join through their employer by indicating their choice of preferred benefit option in the application form and adding dependents to their accounts by attaching supporting documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates, confirmation letters from school for children above 21 years). Our benefit options range from the most comprehensive (Executive) to the affordable outpatient cover (Flexi) giving employees a wide range of choice.
  • All employees of an employer (an employer could be: parastatals, institutions, organizations or societies in the private sector, etcetera) qualify.
  • Dependents of the employees (wife/Husband and children below the age of 21 years and or a member’s child above 21 years with mental or physical disability or still at school) also qualify.


  • With our Executive and Deluxe comprehensive covers of P2 million and P1.2 million respectively which allows members who are struggling with multiple medical conditions such as hypertension, sugar diabetes and arthritis to enjoy our dread disease coverage even after retirement. A PULA Member retiring/ Pensioners: members who previously have been with Pula for at least one financial year are eligible to continue with their membership under pension, if they are retiring on pension or their employment is being terminated on the basis of age.
  • Pensioners are required to notify the fund about their intention to retire and continue with membership upon retirement.

Small Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMEs)

  • The size of a business does not limit business owners to enrol their employees on PULA medical aid. Our Flexi, Standard and Galaxy benefit options that offer cover from P40 000 to P100 000 annual coverage with contribution rates from as little as P306.00 monthly, employers can offer medical aid benefits to their employees.

Individual Membership for the Following;


  • We offer individual membership that provides students who are not dependents an opportunity to be a member of a medical aid. Our Flexi benefit option is designed to cater for the young, healthy price sensitive individuals with an out-patient coverage of up to P60 000 annual cover.
  • Often times we seek coverage for parents who are in need of chronic cover, physiotherapy and optical benefit. We offer you Executive, Deluxe and Galaxy benefit options to open for your parents in order to enjoy such coverage.

Long Term Partners

  • Now individuals no longer have to wait for marriage to enroll their loved ones in our medical aid. One can easily open an account for those they care about and pay their monthly contributions to ensure they too enjoy medical aid cover.

Extended Family Members and Other Loved Ones

  • With our benefit options, one can easily identify the benefit option suited for their relatives and other loved ones’s medical needs and affordability of the option to enroll them. With Executive and Deluxe benefit options, your relatives get dread disease cover from P500 000 to P700 000. Simply open an account for them by filling out the application form and pay monthly contributions in advance.

Continuing PULA Members

  • PULA individual membership is also available to employees who are on PULA but no longer with their employer and wish to continue with their membership
  • Dependents of members who can no longer be dependents (e.g. due to divorce or age) but wish to continue their membership or members of the Fund or their dependents also qualify.